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COMMITMENT If you want to get things done in your life, and you’re ready to make it happen, you will find that coaching sessions support you in moving faster than you can imagine. A coaching relationship is an extraordinary privilege. We partner together to explore any barriers to your success and delve into the opportunities, which may not be apparent from your current viewpoint. By engaging in this coaching relationship, all my attention is on supporting the fulfillment of your goals. Some clients only need a few sessions to kick-start their ideas; other coaching relationships are longer term to correspond to the size of their vision.

RELEVANT EDUCATION Masters in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education; ten years of leadership and coach training from Landmark Worldwide; Certified Coach from Coach Training Alliance; B.A. in art from Maharishi International University.


MY STORY  As a life learner, I have been involved in countless endeavors, always motivated by a drive to make a difference for others. I started as a freelance calligrapher and graphic designer, teaching at UMass Dartmouth and RI School of Design, then co-founded a printing business which I ran for 12 years. In the 90’s, after a series of school shootings, I woke up to the news that an 11 and 13 year old had killed five classmates and a teacher. My children were 11 and 13. THAT was a major turning point in my life. I reevaluated my work and decided to change careers. I started working with incarcerated teens at the RI Training School, creating a peer-mentoring program.

I soon thereafter closed my printing business, returned to school to get a masters degree, then founded a non-profit to serve at-risk high school kids. This organization received national awards for its effectiveness and success. Yet after seven years, I wanted more. I started a consulting business, which led to creating programs for a 9-library system. It was a huge opportunity to provide substantive programs for some of the highest-need patrons. I have learned a tremendous array of common-sense life lessons in the multiple facets of my journey, and I bring these to every coaching relationship!

As a long-time meditator, I have been excited to read some of the pioneer studies about the powerful effects of mindfulness and meditation. I have been avidly studying recent scientific findings regarding the impact of mindfulness, meditation, and the neuro-plasticity of our brains! We’re not stuck with our stories about ourselves from the past! This is such great news, particularly in my coaching work. We can rewrite the story! I recently attended a Mindfulness in the Workplace seminar at UC Berkeley that brought home not only the power of engaging in these practices, but the extent and damage of stress in people’s lives. I plan to spend my remaining years to help people find their power, fulfillment and joy, and bring many different tools to my practice to help make that happen.


COACHING and TRAINING For eight years, through 2014, I led twenty 3-month long seminars for Landmark Worldwide to 2,000 participants. A large part of leading those programs was to provide one-on-one coaching to support transformational breakthroughs in many areas of the participant’s lives. I have supported CEOs, program directors, business owners, and people from all walks of life. Concurrent to leading the programs, I attended rigorous quarterly training weekends that supported me in leading highly effective programs.

I currently train and coach volunteers who are facilitating a Leadership and Transformation program – through the End Violence Project – in five prisons under the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. I have also been leading these programs for the past two years, providing powerful coaching to the inmates for their own transformational breakthroughs.


YOU If you’re intrigued about the possibilities of expanding what you’re currently doing, creating something new, or discovering what is stopping you from moving forward, take action now. Send an email to set up a sample session so that you can experience my coaching style firsthand and discover an untapped resource that is waiting to be explored.


Thank you.