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This is a random collection of books, talks, quotes, and reflections that have educated and inspired my life and my coaching. My intention is to enrich and inspire you.

26 Mar Today

Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones, and good in everything. Shakespeare

11 Feb “Pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again”

Imagine waking up with this song in my head – a song written in 1936!

I’ve had 2 goals for this year: to soften my edges and to be a YES. Amazingly, the YES is going well. Buy let me tell you, having been an edgy kind of person, the 2nd goal’s taking more attention.

So when I woke up to this song (haven’t heard it for years), it made me happy. And Light. It’s all okay.  I believe with every bone in my body, that we are all doing our best at any given time. And so does edginess show up for me? You bet. I’ve been disappointed when it does, until this morning. “. . . start all over again!” Every moment is a new opportunity to start all over again. (My goodness we can be so hard on ourselves.)

Today is a lighter brighter day. I wish you your own lightness and brightness, knowing that love is right there waiting for us to notice!

19 Jan One Small Action

If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostilities. Longfellow

A young relative of mine is in the last stages of cancer, a friend’s daughter committed suicide last week, and a friend of mine is literally fighting for her last breath, under hospice care.

I’m so aware of the fragile nature of life, while also being aware of my own pettiness. I recently gossiped about somebody, expressing not-so-kind judgment and criticism. To my horror, those comments got back to that person. However, she was generous enough to forgive me.

Last week I attended a church service and listened to the often-recited Lord’s Prayer “. . . forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us . . .” Who do we forgive? How about the ones we hold grudges against based on judgment about what they should or shouldn’t have done (according to our own rules)? Like me, do you sometimes find yourself kinder to strangers than to those you love? Unforgiving mostly to those you’re closest to?

There have been several occasions in my life when I discovered that someone was angry at me and had been holding on to their grievance about me for years. And I never knew. I have been shocked when I learned about it. Yet, it happens. But if not given the opportunity to apologize, it sits in the unsaid.

I truly believe people are always doing the very best they can, given what they’re dealing with – stuff that most of us will never know. Thus I opened with that Longfellow quote which I love.

I invite you to join me in looking at any grievances you have about someone (large or small) — and consider forgiving them. In truly forgiving, we can return to love. It’s what most religions preach: “Love your neighbor as yourself” or “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Life is fragile. Short. And having spent the past week with my 10-month old grandson who simply loves unconditionally, I’m aware that that is what this life is about. Anything short of love, I believe is only our righteousness and judgment about how we think others should be. In forgiveness, we get closer to a world filled with love! I’m deeply grateful for your reading this and even happier if it has inspired you to actually forgive and love again.

14 Nov Gone Underground!

I have gone underground! I have been avidly following the news for a long time, subscribing to online media sites, reading voraciously, forwarding articles to my kids or anyone I think might be interested . . . and in this past election, I was in action, getting out on the streets and on the phone to get the vote out.

Why underground? With all I read, all I did, the election results were sobering. Americans let their voices be heard, loudly. A lot of anger and discontent rose up in the headlines. I have realized that filling my mind with daily news, murders, wars, anger, etc, doesn’t provide anything that forwards my goals. In fact, only the reverse.

I have decided to forgo news for the time, let it go, and concentrate on harmony, unity. Joyful relationships. Positive support for those struggling around me. I have the power to shed light on the good. Moment by moment. And to pick myself up when I get cross or edgy, then start again with renewed vigor. We sometimes forget how fortunate we really are – and when we remember . . . ah. Grace. May your day be filled with the good.