Michelle Novello Coaching | Endorsements
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If you would like to speak with someone who has provided an endorsement – in anticipation of working with me – please send an email and I will connect you!


Carrie N.
Program Officer, National Design Initiatives
at Enterprise Community Partners

Hiring Michelle as a coach was the essential factor in me getting hired for my dream job. When I hired Michelle, I had already been looking for a job for several months. I was committed to finding the right job not just a job. Despite that, I was starting to get worn down by the process and had financial restraints looming.


From our first call, Michelle had me focus in on taking the right actions rather than just taking actions. I moved from feeling frazzled and constantly trying to think of what other thing I could do, to focusing on the few actions I had seen on my coaching call would make the difference. Michelle also coached me through the personal and financial stress of the process. While my goal was a job, through Michelle’s coaching I also built a stronger financial partnership with my husband and worked on how I communicated with people. After years of high level leadership coaching and 8 years as an executive director, Michelle identified things in my communication style that were holding me back, which no one else had.


Finally, Michelle supported me in all the key moments of my job search – from interviews to thank you notes – with tactical, on point coaching. I am clear coaching me to be creative on one of my thank you notes helped to land me a final interview for my dream job. The bottom line is that through working with Michelle, I got the job of my dreams in exactly the timeline we had created together.

Lynne Richardson
Executive Assistant to the President at Sunergos LLC

Michelle’s coaching has had a profound impact on my life. She has a keen ability to listen for greatness in others and provide exactly what’s needed to support them in achieving results. Michelle was able to help me identify where, as a leader, I was making others on my team wrong for not doing things the way I thought they should be done. By discovering this and being willing to work on it with Michelle’s invaluable coaching, I was able to transform my ability to achieve outcomes without needing to do it alone. I am now able to listen, lead and inspire others to attain the goals that the entire group is committed to.


Michelle’s dedication to bettering humanity is obvious in everything she does, whether it be through the coaching she provides that supports people in fulfilling their goals, the enrichment programs she brings to the Providence community, her commitment to guiding at-risk teens, or even the love and support she provides her own family. As a coach, she quickly gets where people are at and provides direct and professional coaching to support them in identifying what may be stopping them from realizing their dreams. Michelle’s passion for life is contagious!

Dan Nzinga
Loan Officer at PrimeLending

I recommend Michelle for anyone who wants to get their life or business to the next level. I was lucky enough to be coached by Michelle, and the profound impact her coaching has had on my life has been life-changing. She allowed me to see the world in a different light which gave me access to becoming powerful in my professional and personal life.


Through her coaching, I was able to commit to and soon be married to a woman I love, and I gained the understanding to be able to love fearlessly and live passionately. Professionally, I am now practicing in the way I always wanted to. Typically there is a lot of stress that comes with my job. I’ve been able to restructure my professional life in a way that I love all of it 100%. I didn’t know I had access to that type of power until Michelle coached me to find what was already inside of me. I can honestly say, my whole outlook on life has changed and I’m in a much better place mentally, emotionally, and even health wise. I would trade in all my physical possessions if I had to do so to be where I’m at right now. I recommend Michelle because I would want everyone to be as happy as I am, and if you get half as what I got then a new world will have arrived for you.


Jason Miller
Critical Infrastructure Manager, Bridgewater Associates

I am a manager for one of the top financial firms in the world designing their next generation Infrastructure and have authored and published books on enabling technology for computer systems. Michelle has been my coach in both my personal and professional life at various intervals over the past 10 years. The successes I’ve had wouldn’t have been possible without her coaching. I don’t know a person more capable than Michelle in empowering people to envision, expand and put into action — on all levels — dreams and goals that were once a pipe dream! My life is constantly enriched and transformed out of our conversations.


Melody Henderson
Massage Therapy

I am grateful to have met Michelle at exactly the right time. After a tough period in my business, she helped me change my outlook completely. After three sessions with Michelle, my business took off and I got too busy to see her regularly! It’s comforting to know that whenever I’m feeling “stuck” she helps me get a clear and positive perspective on the issue so I can move forward and continue to expand!

Andrew Miser
Professional Coach,
Specializing in Partnership in Marriage

At Landmark, I had an opportunity to work with Michelle closely as part of a coaching team supporting people’s growth and development. Michelle is a talented leader, teacher and coach. She stands for people’s greatness and champions them to dream big and to step out into life boldly. She has great compassion for people and her generosity knows no bounds. For me, she has been an invaluable colleague. Her encouragement is heartfelt, her feedback is straight and honest and her commitment to my personal and professional development is unwavering. She is the consummate professional. It has been a gift and a pleasure to know and work with Michelle.


Pamala Hargraves
Owner, Blooming Blossoms

My life has been profoundly impacted by Michelle’s coaching in both my business and personal matters. For example, professionally, I have doubled my income as a small business owner; personally, I started speaking to my father who I hadn’t spoken to in 17 years. Michelle has the ability to coach me to approach difficult situations with the tools she has taught me to use in order to stay committed to my intentions and not let “crap” get in the way. Without her superb ability to make me aware of my potential, I would not be the passionate and powerful individual I am today. Michelle is my lifeline. Michelle’s commitment to transforming people to their best selves is unwavering.

Marcus Mitchell
Founding member and former Board President of Providence Community Library
Owner, Shere Strategy Enterprises

Within months of founding PCL, we hired Michelle to provide consulting services to the Development Director. However, due to the restructuring of the library system, she recommended that she conduct a SWOT analysis in support of strengthening grant requests. She interviewed the entire staff then produced a report that helped the Board of Directors determine its direction. In addition to providing a powerful overview of the current climate, she suggested that we needed a Program Coordinator…Since hiring Michelle, her services to the library have been beyond what we could have imagined…and has put PCL on the map in a way that was not possible in the past.
Ms Novello has been a tremendous asset to the PCL professional team. She has added outstanding expertise and program development industry insights, coupled with a tireless work effort and professional ethics which have been instrumental in the success of numerous PCL initiatives. Michelle is a very talented and conscientious professional who would enhance the effectiveness of any team. I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle for consideration by anyone seeking program development and organizational management expertise.

Jonathan Howard
Founding Board Member RiverzEdge Arts Project
Principal at Cause & Effect, ceffect.com

Michelle combines vision, creativity and leadership to improve the world around her. When we met, Michelle’s talent as a graphic designer elevated my work as a writer as we collaborated on quite a number of print projects for nonprofit clients.

I am still proud to have been one of the founding board members when Michelle created RiverzEdge Arts Project (RAP) for teens in the very challenged community of Woonsocket, RI. I saw first-hand how Michelle gave young people a sense of safety, possibility and purpose and how they bloomed and achieved thanks to the art studio she created.

RAP struggled to find secure space and funding in the first few years, but Michelle overcame all obstacles through persistence, relationship-building and ingenuity. Her ability to design and manage great programs for youth attracted kids, partners and funders until RAP became a permanent and essential institution in the community.

When Michelle knew the organization she’d created was strong enough to grow and thrive on its own, she had the rare wisdom to move to new creative challenges at the Providence Community Library. I highly recommend Michelle as an innovator. visionary and leader.

Stephanie Condakes Torski
CFA Managing Director – www.RIAguide.com

The difference Michelle has made in my life is immeasurable. Regardless of the issue – personal or professional – she has provided the objectivity and insights, which have allowed me to move forward with confidence and authority. I am always amazed at how quickly Michelle is able to uncover the underlying elements of an issue and how professionally she directs the discussion toward effective action. Her caring follow up provides the accountability that insures success. My life is richer and more satisfying, than I ever imagined.

Joseph Schechtman
Founding Board President of RiverzEdge Arts Project 2002-2009
Business and Educational Coach, Private Counselor

It was an amazing seven years with Michelle – hiring people, firing people, begging for money, begging for a place to house the program, existing check to check, planning to reduce or even shut down the program, Michelle borrowing on her home waiting for the next grant to come in. With 35 years experience in the non-profit world it is hard for me to imagine that anyone with a micrometer less than the talent, fortitude, tenacity, vision and commitment to at-risk kids than Michelle had, could have brought RiverzEdge to where it is today.

Jay Bolton
Co-Founder/CEO, Skyepass, skyepass
Founder, Blue Flame Industries, blueflameindustries

The coaching provided by Michelle has empowered me to trust others with the operation of my first company, Integrated Voice Solutions (IVS), no easy task. This step allowed IVS to grow while providing me the ability to focus on my primary goal, creating companies from ideas which make jobs. Michelle is professional in her approach, understanding, and providing recommendations. Thank you Michelle for helping me achieve my mission of empowering others to get their ideas in action and revive the American dream of business ownership and financial independence.

Elleen Ebiwa
Former youth participant at RiverzEdge Arts Project,
Business Systems Analyst at Fallon Community Health Plan

Effective, driven and committed. That is what comes to mind when I think of Michelle Novello. I was given the opportunity to serve as a participant and later as a Board Member for an organization that Michelle founded. I was so impressed by Michelle’s ability to design programs within the organization that were both effective and yielded impressive results. Her talent for crafting and executing effective business strategies allowed Michelle to lay down a strong foundation for an organization that continues to have a positive impact on its participants, employees and the community. Michelle is an excellent leader and would be a strong asset to any organization.