Michelle Novello Coaching | Group Coaching
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Group Coaching


G R O U P   C O A C H I N G

Imagine weekly sessions with other individuals who are eager to expand their capacities, and achieve like-minded dreams; individuals like yourself who have their own contributions and life experience to enhance the group. Over the course of three months, I offer weekly sessions that are guided by the group. The groups are created through an interview process to bring together individuals who are in similar pursuits. These groups meet virtually or in person, depending on availability and location. Please send me an email to discuss upcoming group availability.


Past participants report:

  • I discovered that when you’re not balanced in one area, especially personal, you can work on all the other areas as much as you want, but you won’t achieve your goals because there will be something blocking it. I’m really happy that I learned a lot about my own balance and discovered what was in the way! Wow!


  • Every discussion in Michelle’s group lead to major insights, which increased my energy and drive. The group asked the hard questions, probed inconsistencies and helped me sort through my clutter of ‘shoulds’. I then easily identified and focused on what I had been seeking, after several years of uncertainty: my future direction! The calls were full of discovery and surprises and I couldn’t be more excited about my future!


  • Feedback and coaching helped me get into action and grow both professionally and personally. I accomplished more than I anticipated – with an unexpected level of joy, stimulation, love and sometimes frustration. During the group, life happened and this group helped me thrive – and move forward – under difficult circumstances.