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Now is Now

26 Mar Now is Now

In recent conversations with friends about beliefs or disbeliefs about the afterlife, I have come to see that our belief is irrelevant to how we live our lives now. It was illimitably freeing to come to this awareness, as those who don’t believe in an afterlife, will live fully because this is it; and those of us who do believe in an afterlife, why would we live any less fully? The point of now is Now!

We can contemplate, believe, conjure up, follow the beliefs of our religion, but I think it all leads to the same end. Live well. Live now. Live fully. And add gratitude for what we do have, along the way.
When my dad was in his last couple weeks, I discovered a poetry book his mom had given him when he was 8 years old. He had starred a number of poems, which I read to him while he lay in bed. This one became one of my favorites, The Now by Eugene F. Ware; an excerpt:
“. . . Away with the flimsy idea that life with a past is attended,
There’s Now — only Now, and no Past—there’s never a past;
it has ended.

Away with its obsolete story and all of its yesterday sorrow;
There’s only today, almost gone, and in front of today
stands tomorrow.”

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